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UKLA – Large Format Ceramic Panels

Product: UKLA – Large Format Ceramic Panels

Product: UKLA – Large Format Ceramic Panels

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Holding tracks for installation of large- and small-size cladding panels with visible clip-on fixing, e.g. ceramics 40/40, 60/60.


It consists of vertical holding tracks and brackets. The holding tracks bear the cladding panels by way of holding clips. The holding tracks are located so that they are behind each vertical panel joint. They are connected to the brackets with rivets or screws.


The brackets form sliding and fixed points. At the sliding points, force-free installation in vertical slot holes is possible. The sliding points only bear horizontal loads (wind). The fixed points bear horizontal and vertical loads (dead weight). Each holding track has one fixed point.


Optionally, the brackets have an installation help making fixing and holding of the holding track possible. For minimizing thermal bridges, thermostop-elements are offered for thermal separation.


EH Smith Specialist Facades Ltd offer full static calculations for all their projects together with setting out drawings and material specifications for the support system supplied with the cladding panels.

This level of information and technical support offers customers comfort and security that the proposed cladding has been designed, drawn and checked by qualified engineers and specialists.