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Marley Eternit – Equitone Range

Product: Marley Eternit – Equitone Range

Product: Marley Eternit – Equitone Range

Colour: Various

Variation/Texture: Various

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Marley Eternit fibre cement cladding systems offer an extensive portfolio of aesthetic and performance features for every type of rainscreen application across all sectors.
Marley Eternit is at the fore-front of the design, development and supply of lightweight fibre cement rainscreen facades and fixing solutions.

Marley Eternit Fibre cement range, EQUITONE includes the following ranges:-


EQUITONE (linea) is a unique 3D shaped, through-coloured facade material that plays with light and shadow.

The linea surface highlights the raw inner texture of the core fibre cement material.

Every moment of the day, the changing angle of the daylight gives the facade material a different aspect.

Available in two colours and both mechanical and secret fix options, the through-coloured nature of EQUITONE [linea] guarantees crisp, monolithic details.


EQUITONE (natura) through coloured fibre cement material offers specifiers a sustainable and low maintenance facade that combines excellent aesthetics with durability and impact resistance: qualities that will enhance any new build project or equally, improve and upgrade an exiating building as an overclad solution.

Available in a range of colours and finishes including an anti-graffiti coating, and both mechanical and secret-fix options, EQUITONE (natura) gives specifiers the full creative scope of modern caldding systems with the performance levels contemporary buildings demand


  •  Through coloured fibre cement
  • Texture of the fibres show through
  • Tactile, smooth surface
  • Secret fix system
  • Available with factory applied anti-graffiti coating


EQUITONE (tectiva) is a through coloured fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour providing a unique aesthetic effect.

EQUITONE (tectiva) is characterised by the fine sanded lines and naturally occuring hues within the material. These enhance the natural matt appearance which comes to life with the effects of light and shade to provide a distinctive and beautiful facade.


  • Through coloured fibre cement
  • Unique and natural appearance
  • Subtle shades

EQUITONE (tectiva)* is available in nine organic through colours where the pigment is held within the mass of the board to provide a timeless colour that fits perfectly into contemporary architecture.
* Naturally occuring white flecks may be visible which adds to the aesthetics of the material


The EQUITONE Pictura coating system incorporates an additional surface treatment that is ideal for a smooth even coloured finish.

The main characteristic of this treatment is the hard, smooth, silky, ultra-matt surface finish. The UV cured top layer offers good protection against many types of staining and mechanical damage that may occur during construction. Lightweight yet strong, the Pictura surface is smooth and easily cleanable and also provides protection against graffiti produced by common aerosol and other paints.

EQUITONE Pictura cladding systems can be fixed successfully with colour matched screws, rivets and structural adhesives. Pictura performs well on fire resistance and spread of flame, and is ideally suited to aggressive environments.

Pictura boards main applications include: Rainscreen cladding, Weather boarding, sandwich elements, interior wall lining, soffits, fascias and bargeboards.

Available in a range of contemporary colours, EQUITONE Pictura has a smooth top colour enamel glaze sitting on a dense grey cladding board. It’s surface is sensitive to poor handling and fixing which makes careful transport and handling key when on site.

EQUITONE Pictura Cladding Panels Main Applications include Rainscreen cladding, Weather boarding, Sandwich elements, Interior wall lining, Soffits, and Fascias and bargeboards.


EQUITONE Textura is a fully compressed fibre cement cladding panel with a highly glazed, textured finish.

Textura panels are produced on a Hatschek machine and are pressed and air-dried. The surface is smooth, not glossy, with an acrylic coating and a UV hardened top layer, to produce a strong impact and dirt resistant finish. This finish gives a hard surface, offering scratch resistance and ‘anti graffiti’ protection from most kinds of vandalism. EQUITONE Textura combines vivid colour, texture and toughness in one fully compressed fibre cement cladding panel. It is impact resistant and fire resistant and complies with British and European standards for spread of flame. With a highly glazed, granular finish available in any factory-approved RAL colour, it is impact resistant yet strong, light in weight and easy to use. Textura panels can be surface-fixed, or secured with concealed fixings. Textura is frost proof and also resistant to weather and atmospheric pollutants.

EQUITONE Textura has a painted top layer colour applied to a grey core cladding board. The panels are suitable for a wide range of high quality façade applications. Textura cladding panels are available in a range of vivid, non-transparent colours.

   The product images are courtesy of Marley Eternit.



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