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                                                    Finchley Memorial Hospital
                                                              Granville Road
                                                              North Finchley
                                                                   N12 0JE


In order to visually integrate the new three-storey clinic building with a usable floor space of 10,000 m² in its environment characterised by small-sized housing units and green areas, Murphy Phillips Architects in co-operation with the colour designer Frances Tobin developed an own colour concept taking into account the psychological effect of colours. 
An integral part of this concept is approximately 3,500 ceramic panels and 2,000 ceramic rectangular tubes glazed on all four sides with a cross-section of 60 x 60mm and lengths of up to 1,200mm, which were vertically installed in front of the curved glass facades of the access areas like a filigree curtain.
The six green and blue shades exactly defined by the planners were specially developed for this project in the glaze laboratory of AGROB BUCHTAL after extensive test series.  


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