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Lithodecor lightweight façades featuring natural stone and glass offer a wide range of shapes and design options that have inspired not only architects but also their clients. The systems are ideal for new build projects as well as for the refurbishment of older buildings. Lithodecor offers individual, sophisticated solutions based on first-class product quality.

Natural stone and glass have captured a permanent place in architecture – from classical to modern times. Lithodecor produces sophisticated, innovative, high-tech solutions featuring both these building materials. Whichever design option you choose, be assured that your architectural, technical and structural requirements in terms of individual façade solutions will be fulfilled. Lithodecor ventilated rainscreen façade systems are based on a proven construction principle of lightweight composite materials and natural stone or glass panels. Both systems have the relevant building regulation approvals. The common element of all Lithodecor façade systems is their sandwich construction. The combination of lightweight concrete with specially formulated adhesives, mesh inserts and glass or natural stone, gives Lithodecor products their particular technical properties with reduced weight. This means that large, storey-high natural-stone panels up to 4.7m2 in size can easily be installed whilst also achieving a 66% weight reduction in comparison with classic stone façades.


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