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Looking for a cost effective & lightweight alternative to stone? Or are you in search of a maintenance free A1 fire rated solution to timber?

This new and exciting ceramic range is hot off the production line in Germany and uses the latest technology in digital printing to replicate the natural textures and patterns seen in stone, granite and timber. These ceramic tiles offer a lightweight and cost-saving solution to much heavier natural granite as well as maintenance free options to materials such as timber. The tiles are available in modules up to 600mm x 1800mm and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The three ranges:

Quarzit: Fine granules are sprayed on to the tile during the glazing process, the tiles are then fired in the kilns creating an inseparable bond with the ceramic base.

Savona: Soft layers and coarse grains reminiscent of limestone and granite along the Italian coastline are featured with great effect in the Savona range. 

Oak: High quality digital printing lends the Oak range its characteristic grain and the aura of treated or natural wood.

Should neither of the ranges above have quite the right aesthetic for you project? The advanced technology allows for bespoke patterns where ultra high definition images of the desired material are digitally printed on to the tiles - so should you have a particular material in mind there is every possibility we will be able to match it.

The tiles use the same K20 Keratwin systems which allow for rapid installation and individual tile replacement, please view here for further details.


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